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MyStudio Is Your Studio


The overhead of running a studio can be costly especially if you’re the type of creative that enjoys shooting out in the elements. We provide a studio environment with hourly rates for creatives to book, come in and create the content they need. We offer a number of backdrops, lighting, stands, bowen mount modifiers, and equipment rental to aid in creating the best visuals.

Rent Studio
Photography & Videography


We provide in-house photographers and videographers for hire as well. We have a expansive network of photographers, videographers, cinematographers, and more. They all are very knowledgeable in their area of expertise. Whether it be a 50th birthday shoot, a rebrand shoot for your business, or a commercial for a new product you’re launching, we have you covered.

Photo & Video Editing


Finishing a project is just as important as starting a project if not more important. You may feel like you have the time to complete the final edit for your project. You may even feel like you want to up the finishing look just a bit by someone who specializes in a specific editing style. We don’t mind assisting you with post-production if you need us!

Studio Rental

We have rooms available for creatives to book by the hour. Rooms include light, trigger, and modifier.


Editing Services

We provide editing services for video and photos.



We provide in-house Photography services by the best Photographers in the area.


Photo Printing

We offer high quality print services for those photo shoots here at the space.

Video & Film

Team up with our some of our videographers and filmmakers for your next video project


Classes & Courses

MyStudio University coming soon. We’ll have opening up classes and courses in the near future.

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