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Let us help you tell your story with motion. We have a network of Filmmakers and Cinematographers that will help bring your video projects to life! Rest assured that we’re not referring to the watered down same ole style of filmmaking. We want to sit down with you and make sure that we outline the scope of your film project in detail to ensure that we help deliver your final production the way you envisioned it! Let’s work today!

First Step

Discuss & Gather

Before we or anyone else for that matter picks up a piece of equipment for photo or video, planning and discussing project scope should always be done first. Things like budgets, practicality, etc. need to be discussed. Nothing worse than diving into a project without the budget to finish, or simply not having to proper resources to pull it off period.

Second Step


Now it’s time to really hone in on and narrow down the specifics. We already know the direction we want to head now it’s time to go over everything needed for production. If there’s anything we feel we don’t need or need to add that we may have left out, this is the time to nail it down. It’s time to figure out shoot locations, casting, etc.

Third Step

SHOOT the FIlm

Time to shoot! Before getting ahead of the program it’s essential to keep in mind all of the details discussed prior to production. Remember there’s a budget and not sticking to a script can be detrimental to the success of your film project. All parties must communicate with one another to ensure that things go smoothly throughout the production phase.

As a photographer who’s always done outdoor photography, I came into MyStudio learning a LOT which helped me grow my business! The owner is extremely knowledgeable and is so professional…

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If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask us. Please also call us or email us before visiting to make sure that you will be served with our best services.