MyStudio Founded in 2017 with the sole intent to assist creatives with a place where they could create strong studio content. Whether it's a Photo or Video Shoot, we have space to accommodate your studio needs.

We currently have two studio spaces that we rent out to other creatives like photographers, videographers, cinematographers, Stylists, MUAs, Creative Directors, etc. We also provide in-house photography and video services as well. Our network has grown over the past 3+ years and we can now proudly say that whatever your creative needs are, we can pretty much aide in the completion of your next visual project.

If interested in using the space hit us up! Studio A is more of a general photography room and currently books at $35/hour. Studio B is a hybrid room used for video and photography, includes a cyc wall, and the current rate is $60 (or green screen setup). All in-house production services start $150.

Our Services

Photo Services

Commercial - Portrait - Fashion - Brand - Bridal & More!
Our Expertise extends beyond one genre of Photography and that's exactly why we are considered full photography service providers in our area. Whether your needs are small or large scale, our network of skilled photographers are prepared to assist you with any project you need assistance with. We provide commercial photography, brand & product photography, fashion & editorial photography, wedding & bridal photography, maternity photography, and other genres as well.

Video Production services

Film & Cinematography.
Let us help you tell your story with motion. We have a network of Filmmakers and Cinematographers that will help bring your video projects to life! Rest assured that we're not referring to the watered down same ole style of filmmaking. Let's work today!

Post Production Services

Ever needed help with enhancing your photo or film projects? Let us link you with the right editor to aid with giving your visuals new life! We have a network of professionals with over 10 years of experience in the realm of post production services.


We Can Restore Your Old Photos.
We understand how important those old damaged photos can be to a person. We all have them. Those images that mean so much but could not withstand the test of time. Our team uses advanced software practices to do our best to bring life back to those special images!

Meet Some of the Studio Regulars

We all shoot here in some capacity

@Our Facilities

We have additional options available for you

In-House Studio Professionals

Take advantage of our in-house professionals for your next project. Whether it’s an editor, or shoot facilitator to help guide you through your next shoot, we got you covered!

Prop Rental for Studio Photos

Additional Props Available

At MyStudio we realize that the difference between a good photo or video and a great photo or video could be a simple prop. We have some available in-house for use as well some large scale props that we rent out.

Prop Rental for Studio Photos

Set Builds & Designs

A good set adds new dimensions to your Visual Production and helps tell a story that may not be able to be told visually without it.

MyStudio Imaging Consultation
Photo. Film. Studio Rental.

Our studio can assist with your next visual project

Contact us today to see if we can assist if any way with your next photo or video project.


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