3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Getting An Office Outside Of Your Home

1. Distractions Distractions & More Distractions

Do you hear those chants of “Moooooooommmm”….”Dadddddddd” being yelled throughout the house at octave levels you didn’t even know existed? Probably just to simply ask was there any peanut butter and milk left, or worse, “nothing Mom, just wanted to say Hi! Sound familiar? I know, that type of thing only happens in my house!

Is it me or when you finally sit down in the home office to type that proposal up that you urgently need to get out to that client you have been waiting to land, you suddenly remember that you were suppose take out the trash featuring last weeks shrimp alfredo reeking from the depths of the bottom of the kitchen trash can?

Or you remind yourself about calling Larry about fixing the garbage disposal that the kids destroyed with rocks from your family trip in Savannah. Still not sounding familiar yet? Ok, cool.

Whether you can relate to any of these things specifically, If we’re being perfectly honest, I bet it’s safe to say that you’ve experienced your fair share of distractions when working from home. As a creative is important that we have a clear headspace to create and part of the clearing of the headspace is having somewhere to work that is conducive to creativity. A distracting environment is quite the opposite. Even if you’re not in the creative space a productive workspace usually includes many of the same elements you know like peace lol.

2. Different Space Different Mind

Ever visited somewhere and your mind immediately started envisioning new possibilities…new ideas…new concepts? Coincidence or Circumstance would you say? I vote the latter! Being in redundant settings, even if it is somewhere you find refuge in can still be the perfect recipe for a slice of noncreative pie. Yuck!

Sometimes just sitting on the beach listening to the waves crash back and forth amongst each other can be just the thing your mind needs to create that next big idea in your head. Nature itself can be inspiring is so many ways. Take your local coffee shops out for a spin one day. Sometimes nothing can be more inspirational than being surrounded by a group of people that just look like they’re getting things done!

3. EXTREME Self-Discipline Required!

Sooooo most people just think about all the benefits from having the ability to work at a home office, but one of the most common traits you need to have that’s often overlooked when people decide the path of working from home, and that one is the fact that it requires a level of discipline that most do not have.

It’s one thing when you’re on the clock of an employer versus you actually being the employer and that lack of self-discipline is costing you money every minute that passes you by. If you’re not a person that would consider yourself to have such a level of discipline, then this may be an option that you want to pass on and seek to work away from an environment that you have grown so comfortable with.

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